Sponsoring your better half, partner or child that is dependent

Prepare yourself to utilize

The fundamental Guide (IMM 5525) has important info about:

  • eligibility
  • charges
  • just how to use
  • how to prevent mistakes that are common

If you’re sponsoring your used son or meet nepali women daughter or a kid you certainly will follow in Canada, make use of the application kit to sponsor used kids along with other family members alternatively.

Get the list, kinds and directions

At the time of 14, 2018, we’ve improved this application package based on your feedback february. Revised guides and checklists are available these days below. Discover more about what we’ve changed.

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Nation certain needs

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??“ Instruction(s) for documents
??“ Instruction(s) for papers
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You will need to provide your biometrics

In most instances, at this point you want to provide your fingerprints and picture (biometrics) once you use.

Biometrics additionally the application process

We reference your fingerprints and picture as biometrics. We gather biometrics for many applications. Discover what occurs from the time you distribute the application to whenever you have to Canada and where biometrics gels the method.

1. Submit an application for permanent residence

You??™re eligible to apply if you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada, make sure. Utilize our application guides to help to fill your application out correctly, then submit the job.

Prevent processing delays by giving us an entire application.

2. Get the fingerprints and picture taken

You need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) for every application for permanent residence you submit if you??™re between 14 and 79 years old. Even although you provided your biometrics in past times and they??™re nevertheless legitimate.

  • You need to spend the biometrics feewhen you submit the application. Otherwise you might experience delays.
  • Understand this done since quickly from us that tells you to give biometrics as you get the letter.
  • You’ve got 1 month to work on this through the date regarding the letter.

3. We plan the application

We start processing your application after we get your biometrics. Observe how long it can take to process the job.

When we require more details away from you, we??™ll contact you.

4. A decision is made by us on the application

Once we complete reviewing the job, we inform you if you??™re authorized to get to Canada. If you should be, we issue your write-ups.

In the event the application is refused, we deliver you a page that tells you why.

5. You happen to be Canada (if you??™re authorized)

Ensure you travel with all the papers you were given by us. This can include papers such as your verification of Permanent Residence (COPR), permanent resident visa (from a visa-exempt country or your single entry journey document if you don??™t have a travel document if you??™re from a country that needs a visa), or eTA (electronically linked to your passport) if you??™re.

Airline border and staff solution officers at ports of entry will ask to visit your travel papers. Them, you may not be able to board your flight to Canada if you don??™t have.

Make certain young ones under 18 travel using the documents that are right.

6. We check your identification once you get to Canada

Once you arrive, we look at your identification to make certain that you will be exactly the same one who ended up being authorized to go to Canada. We might make use of your biometrics to work on this.

You may be detained by a border services officer if we can??™t verify your identity. These officers assist protect the safe practices of Canadians.

If the officer determines that you??™re maybe not admissible to Canada, you won??™t be permitted to enter Canada. You came from if you came by air, you??™ll have to take a return flight to where.

7. You??™re allowed to enter Canada

In the event that you pass the identification check and meet up with the entry demands, the edge solutions officer stamps your passport and tells you how long you are able to remain in Canada. You??™re normally permitted to stay static in Canada for approximately 6 months.

Young ones under 18 must meet with the entry that is same as grownups. The edge solutions officer may ask small young ones to show other papers according to perhaps the son or daughter is travelling alone or with somebody.

Fundamental entry needs

You need to fulfill some requirements that are basic enter Canada. You have to:

  • have a travel that is valid, just like a passport
  • take a healthy body
  • do not have unlawful or immigration-related beliefs
  • convince an immigration officer you have actually ties??”such as being a work, house, monetary assets or family??”that will require you back into your property nation
  • convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the final end of the see
  • can afford to your stay
    • The money you shall require varies according to just how long you certainly will remain of course you can expect to stay in a resort, or with buddies or family members.

Some individuals aren’t admissible to Canada, this means they’re not allowed to enter the nation. You may be inadmissible for a number of reasons, including being tangled up in:

  • unlawful task
  • peoples legal rights violations
  • arranged crime

It is possible to be inadmissible for protection, wellness or reasons that are financial.

Biometrics cost

  • Individual applicant: CAD $85
  • Families using in the time that is same maximum total cost of CAD $170
  • Categories of 3 or more performing artists and their workers whom make an application for work allows during the time that is same maximum total charge of $CAD 255

Help ??“ Choosing the national country the individual being sponsored resides in

This is basically the national nation the individual happens to be residing in. It could be distinctive from the national nation or nations these are typically residents of.

In the event that individual being sponsored everyday lives in Canada, choose Canada.

Help ??“ Submit your write-ups

Relate to your list to locate out which papers you will need to submit.

Pick the national nation you get these papers from. In the event that you will submit papers from a few various countries, choose “Add another nation.”

In the event that you will require documents from significantly more than three nations, please begin the device once more.

Spend your charges online

Submit the job

See how to review, put together and mail your finished application.

In June 2018, we changed our mailing details.

Based on your circumstances, you will want to send the application to the workplace in Mississauga or perhaps in Sydney. It will be sent back to you if you send your application to the wrong address. Learn which target is right for you personally into the instruction guide.

Get updates regarding the application online

You are sponsoring meet the eligibility requirements, we will mail or email you a request to link your application to an online account if you and the person.

Having problems? Begin to see the questions that are top connecting the job into the Assistance Centre.